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It was such a joy for me to be with you in June at the Eastbourne Volunteers Community Networking meeting, so great to be amongst voluntary and community sector people again! You see my heart has always been in the voluntary sector, starting when I was sixteen, when I chose community work instead of an extra P.E. session every week.  Ever since, I’ve volunteered in different roles throughout my life, depending on my changing life situation and interests.

As I listened to the other speakers, I remembered the first time I presented to volunteer coordinators, back in 2010, when I was new in post with Volunteer Centre East Sussex / 3VA as Volunteering Support Officer for Wealden. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since and in December 2016 I left the Volunteer Centre to follow my passion – facilitating wellbeing workshops for voluntary and public-sector staff and volunteers, as well as members of the public looking after the wellbeing of others and our world.

One thing I learned whilst working in the voluntary sector (and I can tell you I learned this the hard way) is that as caring people we have an instinct to care for others, but we do not have the same instinct to take care of ourselves. We often take on too much, and then we experience feelings of exhaustion, frustration, powerlessness and get overwhelmed. This affects our physical and mental health as well as our relationships and ironically, we are sometimes in danger of turning ourselves into the very service users we are trying to help! And sadly, under so much pressure, we can also lose sight of the very reason we chose to work in the sector in the first place…I have experienced this myself and I witness it often in my colleagues, friends and family…

So, based on my own life experiences as a mother/wife/daughter/sister/friend, working in the voluntary sector, my personal self-development journey and my recent training as a Spiritual Companion with the Spiritual Companions Trust, I created OPERATION SHINE!, a half-day interactive and experiential well-being workshop for all.  (The workshop can also be split into three 1.5 hour separate sessions if this is more suitable.) First we look at the science of stress; then I share with you my Top 10 tried and tested stress-busting techniques to bring you quickly and easily out of a place of dis-ease into a place of ease…

My vision is to bring OPERATION SHINE! to all, especially voluntary, charity, community and public-sector groups and I am following any leads that come my way!

The next public workshop is on Saturday 9th September at the YogaLife Studio, Eastbourne.

Please do get in touch if you’re interested.

For more information about me and my INHOUSE and PUBLIC OPERATION SHINE! workshops see my new website:

www.brendabruzon.wordpress.com or contact me directly on shineholisticcoaching@gmail.com / 01323-639172 / 07906-314436


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