Eastbourne Volunteers launch


Launch day!

After a lot of hard work by many willing volunteers we have launched Eastbourne Volunteers. The Labyrinth was packed to bursting with supporters. Thank you all so much for coming. Thank you also to the Mayor of Eastbourne for cutting the ribbon.

The crowd was amazing, The Labyrinth in Eastbourne was filled from end to end with people chatting and I was really overwhelmed with the support we had. There have been a lot of posts on social media about the launch from others but I thought this description from the Eastbourne People’s Assembly was one of the best:

“The Launch of Eastbourne Volunteers was a well attended event and one many of us have really been looking forward to. Helen Burton has put a huge amount of energy into setting up this project and Eastbourne will benefit in many ways, from the comprehensive mapping, ward by ward, of all the community organisations and groups that Eastbourne has to to offer through to the volunteering opportunities both directly for the project and for the organisations Eastbourne Volunteers will be linking up with. We wish every sucess to the Eastbourne Volunteers.  The Launch was very well attended by representatives from many of the Eastbourne groups. Well knowns were there along with us rank and file. Helen read out a speech thanking many people. The Psyche Poet read out a poem. Caroline Ansell MP gave a speech. The Mayor said a few words, cut the ribbon and bingo! Launch away! Bring it on!

We then enjoyed chatting, catching up with each other, eating and drinking and all sorts including ‘networking’ in inverted commas. There were scrumptious cakes supplied by The Waste Not Café. Apple squares, banana cake, fruity oaty sliced what nots, welsh cakes. Load of yums. Then there were more homemade cakes circulating from elsewhere, I particularly noticed the chocolate cake. (Sorry…….excuse the food interlude, i’m trying to lose weight!!)

Back to the Launch. It was fun. A great way to start off the year. Getting together to mark the beginning of this worthy project and to wish it all the very best going forward. Thank you to Helen and all those involved for setting up the Eastbourne Volunteers. Something good this way comes”.

Thank you to Carol Mills for the lovely description of a very special day.

And we’re off…!





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